Friends of Pullman Programs

The New Pullman Tech

We believe that it is better to teach than to give, and if given the proper tools a person who has the opportunity to better themselves, will. Through education, inspiration and motivation the unemployed are now self employed. The focus of the center is based around historical restoration, and focuses on providing historically accurate facade elements to the Pullman Community. This concept was designed to both beautify Historic Pullman and educate it residents.

Supporting the Arts

The New Pullman Tech offers opportunities that other wise would not be obtainable by providing the resources, tools and education needed to promote advancement and opportunities to keep the Arts alive. Supporting the Arts goes with our vision of the New Pullman Tech, inviting thoughtful exploration and gaining respectful connections with Pullman resident artist like Ian Lantz and Chris Campagna.


Charitable Events

Friends of Pullman is involved in various Charitable Events including the Christmas in July Toy Drive, donating toys to the Cancun Christian Orphanage and FOP is involved in various other charitable events. Check out the FOP Charitable Events Here

The Pullman Yacht Club

The Pullman Yacht Club is a summer and after school program for teens and young adults. Housed under the New Pullman Tech it teaches valuable life experience and lessons that other wise would not be attainable. Thru sailing our members learn teamwork, critical thinking and social etiquette. It networks and creates opportunities for area teens and young adults to think outside the box. It gives them tools to be creative and self-sufficient both in the community and on the path of life.

Pullman Palace Car Beer

Friends of Pullman and Argus Brewery have a strategic partnership that provides opportunities and funding for our programs. Opportunities include job placement and profit-sharing through the Pullman inspired Beer line. The relationship that FOP has with Argus is a model that we wish to duplicate. The concept that was created is a key element in supporting Friends of Pullmans mission to be a self sustaining community that gives back more than it takes. Pullman Palace Car Beer

Pullman Neigborhood Family Reunion

Friends of Pullmans Reunion committee made up of various members of the Pullman community put together an annual Pullman Neighborhood Family Reunion, inviting anyone who ever lived in Pullman, past or present to celebrate a neighborhood tradition. Reminisce with friends and family, enjoy delicious food and listen to great music.

Check out the Pullman Neighborhood Family Reunion

Golden Memories Tours and Events

Golden Memories is the sector of FOP that manages and promotes our Historical Tours and special events. They have a number of tour options that appeal to the young and the old. They have a special efficiencies on low impact sightseeing tours with flexible options.


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